Our Statement on the War in Ukraine

News February, 28 2022

We humbly offer our thoughts and prayers to the victims of the unnecessary bloodshed, fear, and anxiety that is being experienced in Ukraine. We cannot imagine the uncertainty Ukrainian mothers and fathers are facing right now. Our hope and prayers are that we Americans will stand together, that the United States and its NATO allies will remove the ruthless use of power threatening our global brothers and sisters.

Although we are across the ocean, we are all connected, and this war will affect us. Perhaps we will feel it at the gas pump, perhaps we will have to do things differently. It’s a small price to pay for peace. Imagine sheltering in a subway with your kids. Imagine having to explain to them what is happening and why. Imagine having to flee your country for safety.

Last week, our team met to talk about this terrible war situation. We asked ourselves what can we do? Here are some of the ways we know we can help, and so we wanted to share them here.

  1. Pay attention to the news. Check and double-check the information to make sure the sources are credible. Report anything that seems untrue.
  2. Talk to neighbors, colleagues, family members about what is happening in Europe. Encourage a dialog of solidarity against tyranny.
  3. Look for places to give, and ways to help.

Below is a link that lists several organizations accepting contributions. This link was shared with me last week through an online Ukraine and Russia panel discussion I attended, hosted by Texas Tech University.


ReecerMedia stands on the side of history that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

In peace.

Marni Reecer
CEO & Founder

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