Learn About: Mobile App Development – Part 1

Mobile App Development February, 15 2022

A mobile app can be a creative and time-saving way to deliver meaningful content to an audience. Is it for you? In Part 1 of our 3-Part Learn About series we look at some of the key benefits of using a mobile app for your business.

Hands, on your brand.

“In 2020, consumers in the U.S. are expected to spend close to four hours a day with their favorite mobile devices (3:49 to be exact). Across all mobile devices, around 87% of all time spent is devoted to apps – and it jumps to 90% when looking just at the time spent using smartphones.” (Mobiloud)

Do you organize your phone’s homepage with your favorite apps? File the rest in tidy folders? Let’s plug your business website into this thought bubble. Could it work as an app? Is that the first time you are thinking about it? That’s ok!

What IS a native app?

Native apps are downloaded from Apple or Google App Stores directly onto the user’s phone. Facebook, Instagram, Wordle: these are all native mobile apps. 

Do you need a native app? 

  1. Native mobile apps open a direct line of communication to your audience. A dedicated distribution channel.
  2. Native mobile apps can send push notifications directly to a user’s phone. 
  3. By removing the third-party platform needed to get your message across, you have the potential to increase your engagement rates with your audience and more logically target your customer’s needs. Let’s think about that, third-party platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy. Are these your only lines of communication with your customers? 
  4. Many small businesses and entrepreneurs are reassessing how they can connect in more meaningful ways with their audience. A mobile app can fulfill that need AND attract new eyes to your business or organization by being listed in the App Store!

Our top pick: MobiLoud

After researching several mobile app solutions, we chose to work exclusively with MobiLoud and are excited to share their capabilities with you. Feel free to check them out yourself via our [affiliate] link below.

MobiLoud Mobile App Development

Learn more about MobiLoud

Let us help

Does converting your website into a mobile app sound amazing, but daunting? Let us help! ReecerMedia has been a trusted source for web development and WordPress consulting for almost a decade. In most cases, we can get started in a matter of days, with full mobile app development and testing completed within 4-6 weeks. Reach out via email to: office@reecermedia.com


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