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Projects October, 22 2019

When I first met Kristen Hawkinson in January 2019, she came to me with an idea of building an online personal training website where she could expand her personal training business without having to be there in one-on-one in person with each client. She wanted to serve her existing clients with personalized workouts they could do on their own, while traveling, at home, or outside.

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The idea became a membership we called TK90, a 90-day workout program, customized for each person, with a detailed questionnaire to start, regular check-ins, and daily reporting. Then we added the Basic DIY program – which is a monthly subscription for anyone to create their own workouts from Kristen’s extensive library of videos. You can search by focus area, length of time, equipment needed, exercise level and keyword. DIY users can create their own “Playlists” of workouts, and add their measurements and any photos whenever they want to track their own progress! 


A Fall Fitness Challenge

This month, Kristen is hosting a 14-day FALLing in Love with Healthy Habits Fall Fitness Challenge! Current members and non-members can participate. The challenge filled up fast and we were so pleased! Many of the participants are not people Kristen knows, which means her client base is growing organically. And that is super exciting. 

A private Facebook group keeps everyone engaged, with tips from Kristen, special guests, and a chance to meet and interact with new friends. People are sharing recipes, their goals, photos of doing and having fun while achieving their personal fitness goals. At TrainerKristen.com Challenge members can log in to their personal dashboard, add their measurements, and follow the 14-day group program of workouts and track their progress, with feedback to Kristen via a quick survey each day!

How cool is that?

I’m beyond proud of this project that continues to evolve and grow into a business that allows Kristen to help more and more people FALL in love with healthy habits and have fun! The success is a result of a truly caring and positive connection between the client and me (the agency), and a strong committed team of developers and designers. Together we do amazing work!

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